Terms & Conditions
1. The following agreement is made and agreed between LeadReaktor, Private CPA Network (the "LeadReaktor", "Network", "Affiliate", "Administrator" or "Company") and the party submitting an application to become a LeadReaktor Partner (the "Partner" or "User"). By sending an application you agree to the following terms and conditions. Those might be updated in the future, in which case, the latest version will be available here.
2. LeadReaktor carries out its activities using its own software hosted on leadreaktor.net and its subdomains, other related domains and resources.
3. LeadReaktor reserves the right to deny an application without disclosing any reasons for this.
4. Partner agrees to the processing of his, her or its private information and receiving information from the Company; for further details, consult Privacy Policy.
5. By using LeadReaktor services, Partner agrees with all terms and conditions presented on this page.
6. To become LeadReaktor Partner and to use LeadReaktor services, Partner has to apply for it at http://leadreaktor.net/signup. Using more than one account per person or company is through [email protected].
7. Either private person or company representative may apply. Private person must be over 18 years old, company representative must prove his or her official status.
8. Partner can use LeadReaktor and all available resources immediately after his account is activated. Any data provided during registration phase can be modified or deleted by the Partner afterwards.
9. Any and all correspondence between Company and Partner is confidential.
10. Partner can use LeadReaktor online services for free and is not required to pay for anything.
11. LeadReaktor reserves the right to disable any part of its services, temporarily or completely.
12. Partner receives monetary compensation for achieving stated goals. This is done either automatically or by representative of the Company. Payment is made on demand. Payment method can be chosen by Partner among those present at Company payout options.
13. LeadReaktor reserves the right to block, disable, delete or suspend any account at any point.
14. LeadReaktor will:

Pay out Partner earnings

Provide Partner with statistics requested by Partner if data in question does not compromise any rules of Privacy Policy

Provide Partner with technical support in timely manner

15. LeadReaktor will not:

Reveal Partner's credentials to third parties

Reveal Partner's income to third parties

Reveal Partner's personal information to third parties (see Privacy Policy for details)

Be held responsible for Partners own mistakes in handling LeadReaktor online resources

16. LeadReaktor may:

Block Partner's account for rules breach or on suspicion of rules breach

Block Partner's account for 3 months of total inactivity

Update the rules or Privacy Policy, notifying partners immediately

17. Partner will:

Follow the rules

Provide LeadReaktor with valid data and information relevant to LeadReaktor's services

Contact support at [email protected] in case of difficulties, problems etc. in regards to LeadReaktor services, or to ask questions relevant to LeadReaktor services

Respond to inquiries from technical support or personal managers in timely manner

18. Partner will not:

Engage in fraudulent activities, such as providing LeadReaktor with fake customer data

19. Partner may:

Request payment, technical support, statistical data and/or additional information relevant to LeadReaktor services

Use any LeadReaktor services available

20. Payout may be put on hold by LeadReaktor in case of suspicious activity and/or potential fraudulent activity by Partner until customer data provided by Partner can be properly verified.
21. Payout may be put on hold by LeadReaktor after the very first payout request made by new Partner until customer data provided by Partner can be at least partially verified.
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